Advice for Authors

My home page shows the range of my work as an author, from children's picture books to medieval translation. In addition, I have advised and proof-read for major publishing and broadcasting companies in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA.

Based on my wide experience, I currently offer

   Advice on manuscripts
for authors and publishers

       Gaining a worldwide audience has brought me great satisfaction (and some
       money besides), and I'm happy to guide new authors along the narrow path
       that leads to success

                                                   I also offer

Proof-reading of works that are almost ready for publication. This is
       a final focus on minutiae - the jots and tittles of printed perfection.
However, attention to detail is vital at every step of the way.
I recently advised an author on the finer points of her first novel
and it's due out this year - with the publisher wanting the chance
to publish her next one, too!

Another author wrote,
'How impressed I've been with the thoroughness of your editorial comments.'

Many authors begin their careers in middle age. (William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, is a prime example.) However, I am equally keen to forster young talent, including creative writing by older children and teens.

I specialise in fiction and non-fiction, including books for children, and I have qualified
associates with expertise in science and maths.

I'm happy to take a free look at work as a basis for suggesting a price.
You can use snail-mail or email! We're old enough to remember paper
but have entered the electronic age!

The form below is at your disposal, or you're welcome to use
the email address at the foot of this page!

Tony D Triggs

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             Tony Triggs, proof reader.