Manuscript Critique and Proof Reading

My home page shows the range of my work as an author, from children's picture books to medieval translation. In addition, I have advised and proof-read for major publishing and broadcasting companies in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

Based on my wide experience, I currently offer

   Advice on manuscripts
for authors and publishers, many of whom,

       such as OUP and CUP, I have advised on manuscripts in the past.

       Knowing the joy and satisfaction of seeing my own work being read
       around the  world, I am happy to guide aspirant authors to and through
       the narrow gates of publishers to meet their own readers

                                                   I also offer

of works that are almost ready for publication. This is
       a final focus on minutiae - the jots and tittles of printed perfection.
An example of how a proof reader identifies and corrects errors.
Attention to detail makes all the difference!

I specialise in non-fiction and have qualified associates with expertise in fiction, science and mathematics.

In the words of a recent customer: 'How impressed I have been with the thoroughness of your proofreading and editorial comments!'

I'm happy to give the MS or proofs a free perusal as a basis for suggesting a price.

You can send your work by snail-mail or email! We're old enough to remember
paper but can also offer tracked correction of digital copy.

The form below is at your disposal, or you're welcome to use the email address at the foot of this page!

Tony D Triggs

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             Tony Triggs, proof reader.