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You're an author seeking a publisher? If you've started beating on publishers' doors you've probably had some rebuffs already. 

I had plenty myself but I persevered and eventually found myself signing contracts – and copies of my books as they rolled from the press!

They do smell good!

Completing the journey from pen to print brings huge satisfaction (and some money besides) and I'm happy to guide new authors along the narrow path that leads to success.

I recently advised an author on the finer points of her first novel and it's due out this year - with the publisher eager to see the sequel!
advice for authors & free assessment of manuscript
              The joy of a publishing contract!
I gave similar help to my son and colleague Robin Triggs and his novel is coming out next month
Debut novel by literary consultant Robin Triggs.
Another author wrote, 'How impressed I've been
with the thoroughness of your editorial comments.'

Maybe we could help you, too. If so, just send your work, or one or two chapters if you prefer.

I personally specialise in children's books and adult fiction. If necessary, I'll pass your work to someone with the right expertise.
We'll respond by making some helpful comments free of charge. (Free assessment of manuscripts - that can't be bad!) We'll also let you know what a full review would cost.
Use the form below to get our address if you want to use snail-mail, or to ask any questions. Otherwise simply email your work to
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advice for authors & free assessment of manuscript

Shown here with the novelist's blessing is an example of the detailed work we can offer. It can make all the difference.
A manuscript showing suggested improvements.

Advice for authors and free assessment of manuscripts is available for all.
However, if you're creative and young (under 18), or an adult helping a talented youngster, please visit Calling Creative Youngsters.