Help with English Language and English Literature

Children's English is a constant worry for parents,

and it causes concern on several fronts:





and possibly


To add to the range of challenges, Key Stage assessments test


and GCSEs and A Levels often include

English literature.

I have lectured to degree level in 20th century poetry, drama

and novels and I am a globally-published author of fiction and non-fiction books for children and teens.

With engaging artwork by Toni Goffe, my picture book Fisherman

Fred is the sort of thing that gets children reading! After much

experiment, Fred has found the best words for his sign -

a lesson in careful use of language!

To keep pupils reading (and writing and *spelling) though the junior

years, there's my gruesome novella The Gibleteers, which I sometimes read as guest author in schools.

Please see the foot of this page for some of my books to help older
children and teens with exams, or visit my home page for more about
me and my publications. Youngsters like being taught by an author!

Based near North Walsham, I welcome pupils of all ages and stages
for personal help with literature and literacy. I'll also consider calling
on pupils in
Sheringham, Cromer, Norwich and Broadland.

Despite the international reach of my writing, my roots are in Norfolk,
where I was born with a stick of chalk in my hand! Many years on,
supporting children and teens remains my top priority.
Tony D Triggs

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I've turned this girl into Shakespeare's Titania. She's at home in Norwich but she's also in the enchanted forest of A Midsummer Night's Dream. To quote her mum: 'She won't forget that when she takes her English Lit exam!'

Re Toni Goffe visit

+ Here's a tip to help youngsters with spelling:

Don't present them with 'bogey' pairs like 'there' and 'their.'
That's ok for testing, not teaching.
Instead, look at pairs like 'here' and 'there' or families of words like ear, hear and heard.