Tony D Triggs, author and teacher

Tony D Triggs, author and teacher

Welcome to my home page!
When I'm not busy writing I work in five main areas:

Teaching piano and music theory and running The Worldwide Song Project

Helping with English language and English literature, from early reading to GCSE and A level            

Home tutoring and helping with home education

    Me in a nutshell:


    BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

    Grad Cert Ed (Special Commendations)
    MA  Linguistics and English Language Teaching
    CTA-trained counsellor
    Associate in Music of Trinity College, London
    former senior lecturer and examiner
    Director of the Worldwide Song Project
    home educating grandad

    private tutor in English and music

    advisor and series editor, Galaxy Books, New Zealand & Asia   

    My work as an international author

    See the photo for my children's titles; or scroll for a full bibliography.


Books by author and teacher Tony D Triggs.

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Publications by Tony D Triggs

  • Janus, 1976

  • The Book of Margery Kempe: The Autobiography of the Wild Woman of God
1995 (UK and USA editions),
15 August 2018: launch of new worldwide edition

  • The Gibleteers, 1986
  • Once Upon an Island, 1987
  • Fisherman Fred, 1994
  • To David and Rosie, 1987

Non fiction
  • Ancient Britons, 1981
  • Founders of Religion, 1981
  • The Saxons, 1982
  • People in British History, 1985
  • Ancient Egyptians, 1985
  • The Black Death & the Peasants' Revolt, 1985
  • Boom and Slump in Inter-War America, 1987
  • A History of Medicine, 1988
  • Saxon Britain, 1990
  • Viking Britain, 1990
  • Norman Britain, 1990
  • Tudor Britain, 1990
  • Victorian Britain, 1990
  • Viking Warriors, 1990
  • Transport from 1750, 1990
  • Germany between the Wars, 1991
  • Explorations and Encounters, 1992
  • The Aztecs, 2006
  • Victorian Britain, 1992
  • Victorians, 2006
  • Tudor Times, 1995
  • Tudors, 2006
  • Fishbourne - A Day in a Roman Palace, 1997

English as a Foreign Language textbooks
  • First Certificate Testbuilder, 1996
  • Certificate in Advanced English Practice Tests, 1992

Exam preparation

  • Practice Tests for National Curriculum Key Stage Two Assessment, 1994

Parenting and Home Education

  • 'Beware of the Badman - a Lesson from Childhood,'  2006
  • 'Why I believe in Home Education,'   2013  

Recorded Edition
  • Highlights from The Book of Margery Kempe, 1996
Margery at the Crucifixion.

My books range from the sublime to the ridiculous! Above - an actress re-creates a scene from The Book of Margery Kempe; Below - an artist captures an incident in 

The Gibleteers. 

A scene from 'The Gibleteers', a children's book by author Tony D Triggs