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My ambition 50 years ago was to have a varied career in education, and I've certainly been having one.

As a young teacher, I was struck by the plight of my pupils
- 'dressed like convicts and graded like eggs' - and I handed in my stick of chalk! (See The Story of Steven.)

I subsequently became a keen proponent of home education (a proven success with my resident grandchildren). I gained
a senior lectureship in classroom practice and started writing my numerous books! 

Nowadays I focus on literary advisory work and private tutoring, helping schooled and home educated pupils alike.

For my qualifications and published titles please click here or feel free to browse my home education, authorship and tutoring pages.

Tony D Triggs

School and home ed suit different kids, like the two in this photo. They're both full of confidence,
but it's only outside school that either girl can come fully alive.


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