Welcome to my Home Education website!

In a typical week, about 40 parents visit this site and many fill in my contact form.

Some are already home educating but most have a youngster at school

and they're struggling with issues like anxiety or bullying.

School and home ed suit different kids, like the two in this photo. They're both full of confidence,
but it's only outside school that either girl can come fully alive.

'Socialised yes, brutalised no.'

Youngsters with special needs or special talents are especially prone to be lonely, bullied or anxious at school. 

Badly socialised classmates simply can't connect with anyone outside their small cliques. 

The home ed community embraces whole families, and all ages meet and mix in a way
that prepares the younger members for life. 

We're one of the local home ed families who'll give you a welcome and get you off to a happy start!


Home ed brings a breath of fresh air! When families (especially mothers

and daughters) come to see us they usually fall in love with our horses! 

Home education Facebook groups share the latest news about weekly meetings
where the youngsters gather for study, fun and lively pursuits! 

Older home educated youngsters can take their pick from a range of classes in drama,

maths and other subjects offered two days a week in the centre of Norwich.

Another resource in Norwich is the Puppet Theatre, which offers some some truly mind-expanding activities!

Making the break

Home education proves its worth in the first few years of each young life,
and it carries on through childhood and teens unless school interrupts it.

To break with school just write to the head. Say you mean to home educate
and ask them to take your child off the roll. Then, as long as you do home educate, you answer to no one. 
It's still a big step, raising all sorts of questions. (My form below has never brought me the same one twice!)
I used to train teachers but a varied career in education has taught me the merits of DIY.
(For one of my major turning points see The Story of Steven.)
These days I help with the home education of my grandson, teenage author Elijah (pictured above!). 

By all means get in touch if school is a pain or home ed seems tempting!
My postbag swells as winter closes in. I always reply but prioritise people in the Norwich, Yarmouth and north Norfolk area.
Tony D Triggs
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