Tony D Triggs, author and teacher

Tony D Triggs, author and teacher

Welcome to my home page! When I'm not busy writing I work in five main areas:

Teaching piano and music theory and running The Worldwide Song Project

Helping with English Language and English Literature, from early reading to GCSE and A level            

Home tutoring and helping with home education

Me in a nutshell:


  • BA (Hons) English Language & Literature
  • PGCE with Special Commendations
  • MA  Linguistics & ELT
  • CTA-trained counsellor
  • Associate in Music, Trinity College
  • former senior lecturer & examiner
  • Director of the Worldwide Song Project
  • home educating grandad
  • private tutor in English and music
  • advisor & series editor, Galaxy Books   

    My work as an international author

 See the photo for my children's titles; or scroll for a full bibliography.


Books by author and teacher Tony D Triggs.

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Publications by Tony D Triggs

  • Janus, 1976

  • The Book of Margery Kempe: The Autobiography of the Wild Woman of God
1995 (UK and USA editions),
15 August 2018: launch of new worldwide edition

  • The Gibleteers, 1986
  • Once Upon an Island, 1987
  • Fisherman Fred, 1994
  • To David and Rosie, 1987

Non fiction
  • Ancient Britons, 1981
  • Founders of Religion, 1981
  • The Saxons, 1982
  • People in British History, 1985
  • Ancient Egyptians, 1985
  • The Black Death & the Peasants' Revolt, 1985
  • Boom and Slump in Inter-War America, 1987
  • A History of Medicine, 1988
  • Saxon Britain, 1990
  • Viking Britain, 1990
  • Norman Britain, 1990
  • Tudor Britain, 1990
  • Victorian Britain, 1990
  • Viking Warriors, 1990
  • Transport from 1750, 1990
  • Germany between the Wars, 1991
  • Explorations and Encounters, 1992
  • The Aztecs, 2006
  • Victorian Britain, 1992
  • Victorians, 2006
  • Tudor Times, 1995
  • Tudors, 2006
  • Fishbourne - A Day in a Roman Palace, 1997

English as a Foreign Language textbooks
  • First Certificate Testbuilder, 1996
  • Certificate in Advanced English Practice Tests, 1992

Exam preparation

  • Practice Tests for National Curriculum Key Stage Two Assessment, 1994

Parenting and Home Education

  • 'Beware of the Badman - a Lesson from Childhood,'  2006
  • 'Why I believe in Home Education,'   2013  

Recorded Edition
  • Highlights from The Book of Margery Kempe, 1996
Margery at the Crucifixion.

My books range from the sublime to the ridiculous! Above - an actress re-creates a scene from The Book of Margery Kempe; Below - an artist captures an incident in 

The Gibleteers. 

A scene from 'The Gibleteers', a children's book by author Tony D Triggs