Dressed like Convicts and Graded like Eggs!

Why many families are abandoning school and choosing home education:

They think school neglects their child's talents or needs

The teacher said the fast ones & slow ones were upsetting the class

They want their children to develop naturally

They bring more home from the beach or the woods than they did from the classroom 

They're upset by low standards at school

If the teachers can't spell how can the pupils?

They value their child's uniqueness
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to
climb a tree it will feel a fool for the rest of its life. (Einstein)

They want children who get on well with others

One of these musical girls went to school and the other one didn't but they're equally well-attuned socially!

They know that children turn things upside down ...
... hence the appeal of an upside-down goblin! (It's George from my novel The Gibleteers - my favourite for reading to younger children both in school and at home.)    

They prefer 'hands on' methods

An amazing 'home ed' experiment: throwing a stick to determine
the value of pi. 

 They seek a 'God-centred' approach to learning

God is the greatest home truth of all 

They want their children to stand out

Without a school record, home-ed children usually get an interview

They feel at odds with school and school jargon

Their children suffer from bullying and anxiety

Sadly, each of these needs a page to itself

They think schools pile on too much pressure

 When he was six - yes, six - they called him a dimwit because he still couldn't read

They want to have lots of good times together

The law

                                             says children's education can be 'by school attendance or otherwise'
                                        and gives parents 'a prior right to choose how their children are educated.'

Signing out of school is simple -

ust write them a letter saying you'll home educate
and asking them to take your son or daughter off the roll.
Then, as long as you do home educate, you answer to no one.

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