Help with Home Schooling

In a typical week, about 30 parents visit this website from the Norwich/ Sheringham/Lowestoft corner of Norfolk and Suffolk!

Many fill in my contact form, and all have a different story to tell:

  •     some are keen home educators right from the start:

      At three, my son was talking for England - into everything,
      bursting with questions. Learning seemed so natural that I 
      never saw the point of school.

  •       others turn to home education after a year or several years
       of  school - for all sorts of reasons

  •      some feel driven to home education:

I hate to see them dressed like convicts and graded like eggs.

School and home ed suit different kids. However, it's only outside school that these schooled and home educated girls can both come fully alive.
  •      some are trying to make school work:

          If it wasn't for the anxiety and bullying she'd be happy at school
  •      some just don't know which way to turn.

I say 'home' but my partner says 'school.'

English law is suitably even-handed, saying that

children need to be educated 'by school attendance or otherwise.'
Youngsters can feel left out at school for all sorts of reasons, such as special needs or special talents. Badly socialised classmates simply can't connect with anyone outside their small cliques.
By contrast, home education develops meaningful relationships
both within and between the small groups of friendly
families that make up the home ed
The actual change from school to home ed is easy. Just write to the head
saying you mean to home educate and asking them to take your child off the roll.
Then, as long as you do home educate, you answer to no one.

It's still a big step, raising all sorts of questions. Please see my question and answer page for the ones I'm asked most frequently.

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I give personal help to families who are starting home ed or thinking about it.
As a teacher trainer turned home educating grandad I've seen both sides!
Where I can help I'm happy to do so free of charge. Please drop me a line!

Tony D Triggs

Thank you for contacting me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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