Help with Home Schooling (also known as Home Education)

School and home ed suit different kids, like the two in this photo. They're both full of confidence,
but it's only outside school that either girl can come fully alive.
In a typical week, about 40 parents visit this website, and many fill in my contact form:

  •     some are keen home educators right from the start;

  •       some try school and then feel driven to home education, often because of anxiety or bullying;
  •      some just don't know which way to turn.    
The law is even-handed, saying that children can be educated 'by school attendance or otherwise.'

'Socialised yes, brutalised no.'

These four words sum up one of the reasons I hear most often for breaking with school.

Home educating parents want their children and teens to get on well with othersirrespective of age.

Youngsters can feel left out at school, often because of their special needs or special talents. Badly socialised classmates simply can't connect with anyone outside their small cliques. 

In the home ed community, all ages meet and mix in a way that prepares the younger members for life. 

I can give you details of home education Facebook groups, and you'll quickly hear about weekly meetings where the youngsters gather to share something good. It's music-making in the photo but it could be almost anything!

Making the break

The actual change from school to home education is easy. Just write to the head saying
you mean to teach your child yourself and asking them to take him or her off the roll.
Then, as long as you do home educate, you answer to no one.

It's still a big step, raising all sorts of questions.

(Out of all the questions that come to me via my form below

I've never had the same one twice!)

I give personal help to families who are starting home ed or thinking about it.
As a teacher trainer turned home educating grandad I've seen both sides! Where I can help I'm happy to do so free of charge. The form below is an easy way to get in touch!
Tony D Triggs

Home ed brings a breath of fresh air! When families (especially mothers

and daughters) come to see us they usually fall in love with our horses! 

I get lots of start-up enquiries at this time of year. I answer them all but prioritise the local ones. Please help by ticking one of the boxes.
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